Director of Growth

Role at CSBM

As a Senior Financial Manager, Collin services several clients on a day-to-day basis in fields such as accounting and finance, human resources, and operations. Some of his responsibilities include processing of payroll, quarterly payroll reconciliations, accounts payable processing, reporting of monthly cash flows, forecasting, employee and student record keeping, and yearly audit preparation and review.

Prior Experience

Collin has fifteen years of experience managing small businesses and their finances. After his time in entertainment, Collin consulted on the finances and opening operations for small businesses in NY and CA. Wanting to turn this focus toward education, he joined CSBM to help charter schools with their finances and operations. Collin believes that a firm and pragmatic understanding of an organization’s finances will enable schools to surpass their goals and help to provide quality education to a greater number of deserving students.

University of Richmond, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology