fiscally seCURE

Prepare, protect & propel your charter school with responsible financial management

In fiscally seCURE: prepare, protect & propel your CHARTER SCHOOL with RESPONSIBLE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, Raj Thakkar shares his Fiscal Responsibility Method© and shows you how to navigate the financial complexities of scaling a thriving charter school.
Learn how & why to implement our Fiscal Responsibility Method© that has impacted and prevented fiscal disasters at hundreds of schools and nonprofits over the past 16 years.
Understand our CUREiculumTM, including the 10 CUREs & 50 Remedies that eradicate the common causes & symptoms of financial mismanagement, the #1 reason why charter schools are shut down.
Reconcile the past, command the present & forecast the future to be empowered to understand and practice responsible financial management!
Raj Thakkar, Founder & CEO
Charter School Business Management

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