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prepare, protect & propel your CHARTER SCHOOL with responsible financial management

Vital Groundwork for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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Today – Finance

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Fiscal Responsibility Method

Learn and Implement the Fiscal Responsibility Method® including 10 CUREs and 50 
Remedies to Eradicate Common Causes and Symptoms of Financial Mismanagement, the #1 Reason for Charter School Closures.

Each chapter (each CURE) starts with A Cautionary Tale of the fictitious Well-Intended Charter School on its journey to becoming Well-Informed Charter School.

The book then delves into each cause requiring a CURE, followed by a section called Flawed, Fraud & the Fuzzy-in-Between, where five hypothetical scenarios are shared, asking readers what they would do if faced with such conundrums.

Five Symptoms and Remedies, plus Steps to seCURE (which are how to implement each Remedy) add more context to the complexities involved and wrap up each chapter.

The book’s Conclusion includes a Customized Prescription (a diagnostic called the Fiscal Practices Assessment) for your school or network to assess how well you’ve implemented and mastered each of the 10 CUREs and 50 Remedies. Any proven practices that have not been fully mastered provide the roadmap to getting your school or network back on track.

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A time-tested manual for charter school finance professionals

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About the Author - Raj Thakkar

As Founder and CEO, Raj is the driving force behind all of CSBM’s current and future initiatives and is responsible for the growth and sustainability of the company. Widely regarded a national expert on charter school finance, Raj has presented at conferences and workshops across the country and has been featured in numerous publications.