CSBM is a national provider of accounting and finance back office support and training for charter schools and charter management organizations. We do this work because we are committed to the growth, success and sustainability of the charter sector.

Our Mission

To empower charter schools with VITAL knowledge and services to understand and practice responsible financial management.

Our Vision

One day, ALL charter schools will view and value responsible financial management as VITAL.

When it comes to accounting, finance and managing public dollars, CSBM provides all of the services and knowledge charter schools need to thrive. With CSBM focused on the financial operations, charter schools are free to focus on what they do best – educating our country’s children.

With the right partnership, running a successful charter school comes down to simple mathematics.

Student Achievement Equation

CSBM serves as a back office provider, CPA and financial advisor to charter schools and charter management organizations.  As an advisor, we train boards, leadership teams and financial staff on their roles with financial oversight, management and implementation.  As a back office provider, we serve as the full finance team for many charter schools or fill in gaps by serving as the Chief Financial Officer, Controller or Accountant.