Congratulations to CSBM’s Founder and CEO Raj Thakkar, who has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Metro New York Chapter of the National Black MBA Association.  This honor recognizes Raj’s leadership and CSBM’s service in the charter school community that positively affects thousands of African-American students throughout New York City.

“Raj’s endless excitement about our clients and our work inspires our team to focus on realizing our mission and staying true to our values.  His generosity and commitment to paying it forward reminds us that we are not simply accountants, but that we are serving students and the future leaders of tomorrow.”

– Steve Reid, Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Raj was honored last evening at the Metro New York Chapter’s annual scholarship and achievement awards.  The proceeds from this gala will help fund the National Black MBA Association’s youth program, C.A.S.H/L.O.T – College Awareness Symbolizes Hope/Leaders of Tomorrow, as well as fund college scholarships.