We are delighted to announce our upcoming presentations at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools in Boston.  Join CSBM Founder & CEO Raj Thakkar and President & COO Karen Daniels for workshops on the following topics:

  • July 1st, 11am, “Building the Ultimate Fiscal Dashboard TOGETHER” – presenters Raj Thakkar, Kirsys Gomez (Co-CEO, Amber Charter Schools), and Michael McGregor (COO, Equitable Facilities Fund)
    • Learn to create a powerful fiscal dashboard to manage charter school finances effectively and satisfy stakeholders.  Share your favorite metrics and discover best practices!
  • July 1st at 3:00pm “Purse String Transparency: The Intersection of Equity and Finance” – Raj Thakkar joins Recy Dunn (CEO, Ascend Public Charter Schools) and Sonia Park (Executive Director, Diverse Charter Schools Coalition)
    • Who controls your school’s finances?  Is it fair and transparent?  Let’s discuss the various options to consider for financial management, equity, and transparency.  Don’t miss this engaging session to enhance your knowledge and form actionable insights!
  • July 2nd at 9:00am “Balancing Act: Healthy Finances in Action from Multiple Perspectives” – Raj Thakkar, John Buckley (Board Member, Christa McAuliffe Charter School), and Beth Figueroa (Director of Authorizing, Tennessee Public Charter School Commission) present
    • Discover how to maintain healthy finances in charter schools from various stakeholders like auditors, board treasurers, and CFOs.  Learn proven practices and key financial metrics for success
  • July 2nd at 9:00am “Ready, Set, Grow: The Three Essentials of Sustainable School Growth” presented by Karen Daniels, Ryan Eldridge (Associate Vice President of New Business, Grow Schools), Ashley MacQuarrie (Senior Director Enrollment Marketing, Grow Schools), and Dr. Paul Miller (CEO, Charter Champions of Rochester)
    • Learn how to overcome obstacles and achieve sustainable school growth!  Learn about funding, acquiring property, and enrolling students with practical tips and real-world examples.
  • 8:00am every day (Mon, Tue, & Wed) “VITAL to Learn & Share: Responsible Financial Management Practices” – our daily homeroom sessions presented by Raj Thakkar, Karen Daniels, Steve Reid & Collin Raymond
    • Learn key financial management practices and recognize warning signs early by diving into 10 questions that can identify financial troubles in advance.  Bring your questions, share your insights and help your peers tackle financial challenges in these group sessions!
Starts on 06/30/2024, Ends on 07/03/2024
Location: National Alliance for Public Charter Schools in Boston

For more information, please visit: https://conference.publiccharters.org/2024/exhibitors/index.php#:~:text=The%20National%20Alliance%20for%20Public,the%20future%20of%20public%20education.