NEW YORK, NY, April 30, 2018 – CSBM congratulates Lola Barbarash and Lori Clement who were nominated and selected by Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners (LWE) as Leading Women Finalists.  The organization chooses finalists for the categories of Leading Woman Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs (Corporate Executives), Socialpreneurs and Brand Builders.  Nominees were judged using the criteria of Innovation and Advocacy for Women.  Those selected are included in a special section in New Jersey Monthly Magazine with the Phase One finalists included in the October 2018 issue.

“This prestigious designation honors women who are socially conscious, problem solvers that are advocating for women and making an impact on the world.”

The Top 25 finalists out of the four categories will be announced on May 11th at their “Making it to the Top” finalist networking event, where they will connect with major media outlets such as New Jersey Monthly Magazine, Comcast, NJ Advanced Media (Star Ledger,, Socialfix and Susan Spencer, Editor & Chief of Women’s Day Magazine.

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