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I report to the school leader and am responsible for reviewing her/his debit/credit card expenses.  These expenses appear to be legitimate based on what s/he is telling me but I worry about how to respond if that changes.  How do other schools deal with this potential conflict?  October 2018

Are there any payroll best practices? July 2018

One of the common mistakes charter schools make is when financial roles and responsibilities are unclear. April 2018

What’s new in 2018 that should be on my radar? January 2018

How much financial information should I share with my school team? October 2017

What type of professional development should I invest in for my business and operations staff? July 2017

What should you include in your financial dashboards? April 2017

Our chief expert, Raj Thakkar, wants you to have the tough conversations sooner.  January 2017

What do we do after the audit is submitted?  October 2016

Exactly how should we prepare for renewal during each year of the charter?  July 2016

What questions should I ask my auditor, even if I have been with them a long time?  April 2016

Where should school leaders focus their attention during the first quarter?  January 2016

Should I send out a Year-End Fundraising Appeal? October 2015

What should be my focus when starting a new fiscal year? July 2015

When will the new EDGAR regulations from the OMNI circular take effect and how can I make sure my school is fully compliant? April 2015

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