…the fine balance between maintaining strong and healthy RELATIONSHIPS with each other and our clients and attaining RESULTS that we all want and need.
It involves operating with honesty, integrity, and care where the relationship and results are balanced ever-so-carefully.
At our organization, we believe it is best to remember that what goes around comes around and to always keep KARMA in mind. KARMA is the acronym for our social enterprise’s core values and stands for Kindness, Accomplishment, Respect, Motivation and Appreciation, because we deeply believe in always doing the right thing.
Treat all members of your school’s community consistently with positive values. Ideally, these values are developed in collaboration with your employees. This can increase the likelihood that you’re prepared for risks from competitors and positioned to honor and respect your fellow school community members.
Make no mistake—your school will have a culture as a learning environment, but also as a place to work. Without actively developing this intentionally, a culture develops by default. Would you rather leave this to chance? Or proactively figure out what’s most important to the members of your community? The components will likely mirror the values we learned back in kindergarten.
We believe in always doing the right thing, including providing professional development to our clients, even if that means they no longer need our services. When spending so many hours working together, we practice what we preach and aim to be as kind, appreciative, respectful, and motivating as possible, while focusing on getting across the finish line and celebrating our accomplishments.