Using Business as a Force for Good

CSBM is extremely proud to be a Certified B Corp and held to higher social and environmental standards!

What is a B Corp?

“B Corps use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.” A B Corp considers the well-being of all stakeholders when executing business decisions, from employees to clients, from suppliers to community members. B Corporations consider creating social value as an essential component of their core mission, even more so than creating profit.

What makes us a B Corp?

Community Impact
Our services enable the charter sector’s focus to remain on what is most important: improving student achievement, which benefits all community members.

Our Team
We treat our teammates like family. Beyond the usual benefits, we offer generous compensation and bonuses, paid maternity/paternity leave, fun social events, and fitness incentives for a happy and healthy work force.

Recently, we launched an initiative to give monetary sponsorship to employees so that they could pursue a goal or project. Employees used the gift to do everything from sky-diving to vacationing in Greece!

Our Diversity
We are a minority owned and operated organization where women compose more than 75% of our team and 50% of our senior leaders. We believe in giving back to our local community and do so by regularly donating time and resources.

The Environment

We strive to reduce our environmental impact with an office-wide recycling program, and a commitment to using sustainably-produced office supplies. Employees are also incentivized to use public transportation or carpool.

Click here to see CSBM’s official B Corp profile and click here to read our Impact Assessment.

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“CSBM's professionalism and genuine interest in clients' success is a huge strength. Another strength is the firm's desire and ability to advance the use of sound business practices by charter school operators as a whole.”

Charter School Director of Finance, CSBM Client of 3 Years

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